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Counter-Strike:Source Multihack- Name change, Speed hack, Aimbot- How to Ban

How to ban someone with a name changing Multihack- Foolproof method

In recent days there is a hack that has become more and more wide spread. Users will join, and their name will randomly rotate to other clients name’s who are connected to the server- about once every other second.  This is usually accompanied by speed and AIM hacks.

Because the person’s name keeps changing, typing STATUS in the console usually does not pick up the asshat’s steam ID.

What you need in order to ban the multihacker:

  • RCON
  • Access to your game server’s file structure


Open HLSW, and view your server. Make sure you have the correct RCON password. Hit the “test” then “get log” buttons.


For several seconds, watch the clients connected. Soon you will be able to narrow down which person is hacking, as the name keep changing.


This is the most difficult part. Since the name keeps changing, the STEAM ID is not always visible. When the offending player’s name becomes visible in the HLSW connected client’s screen, quickly hit the “PRT SCRN” button to screen capture a picture of your desktop.


Open Microsoft Paint and hit CTRL+V (paste).  If you hit the print screen button in time, you should be able to see the asshat’s steam ID next to their name.


Open notepad, or some other word processor and type in the person’s steam ID so you can copy and paste it later.

Step 6)

Log into your gameserver’s file tree and locate the banned.txt that your specific mod uses, then paste in the steam ID in the same syntax that others have been banned.

Step 7) Restart your server, or EXEC that banned.txt

At this point the asshat should be banned. There are other ways to ban someone with this hack, but this method is 100% fool proof provided you are an admin who has access to RCON and the file server.