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What is C/2010, Elenin? Speculation over Mass continues.

Elenin Update 09/15/11: Earth quakes rattle

Cuba, Japan and New Zealand

What Exactly is Elenin, C/2010?

There is a celestial body entering our solar system that is the center of much controversy.   In a recent collaboration with the, DS creates a brief documentary over the Elenin comet, C/2010. Full transcript available.

Virginia Quake Update:

An earthquake with a 5.8 magnitude has struck in the center of Virginia in the United States. Unfortunately, this is in line with our continuing coverage of Elenin, C/2010.

If you are new to this concept, let’s briefly recap. There is a celestial body heading towards the earth dubbed Elenin C/2010. NASA and other major world observatories state that this celestial body is a comet of average proportions.


Read the most recent NASA coverage of C/2010:

Comet C/2010 Elenin Poses No Threat to Earth

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