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Kindle Fire- A Quick FAQ

With E-readers and tablets pouring into the market, there is an entire demographic of people interested in these devices, however there sometimes exists a disconnect between the consumer and tangible knowledge about how these devices operate.

The world is experiencing many changes, and the transition from paper to silicon (and eventually carbon…) for all things “reading” is currently taking place.  The Kindle and the Kindle Fire are the two products currently leading the charge in the attempt to replace your book shelf with less than a handful of tablet like devices that can fit almost anywhere.

I have come across many frequent questions about the Kindle and Kindle Fire, I’ll try to post the most common ones and add more as time progresses.

My kindle or kindle fire broke! Can I recover all my books and games from my dead Kindle?

In a word, yes. You can. Everything you purchase from through your Kindle is saved to your Amazon account. All of your purchase history, books, games, ect is saved to your Amazon account. Even though your Kindle may have been destroyed, your books still exist on Amazon’s cloud, so to speak. When you purchase a new Kindle or Kindle Fire, during the set up process it will ask for your existing Amazon account information. Put in the same account information from your old Kindle into your new one, and your old books will be available on your new device!

My kindle seems to have some weird glitches. My Kindle or Kindle fire freezes, won’t turn pages, won’t load specific books.. ect.

The easiest way to attempt to correct these issues is to restore the device to factory default. Within the settings of your Kindle or Kindle fire, there is an option to reset the device.In the Kindle fire, Click on the little gear in the upper right hand side of the screen, click on “device” then scroll down to “reset your device”

Why do I need to reset my Kindle to fix it?

As stated in the first few paragraphs of this article, these devices are fairly new. The programming and hardware behind them aren’t as mature as your windows or mac desktop. Your Kindle periodically updates itself when its connected to Wifi, to keep current and up to date with the latest software. Sometimes, one of these updates may not complete correctly, leaving your Kindle in an inconsistent state.  Resetting your Kindle is the easiest, and only way to ensure proper operation. The next time it reboots, it will hopefully update itself to the most recent version reliably.

Do I need device drivers for my Kindle or Kindle Fire?

Short answer, no. If you are experiencing problems plug and playing with your Kindle or Kindle fire, try reinstalling your USB controller drivers, and making sure Windows is 100% up to date.